Patio Party

This event takes place on a Friday right before the end of the school year and is an evening of FAMILY FUN! The children look forward to this event every year! The Patio Party includes bouncers, fames, food, prizes, etc. The Patio Party Committee helps plan and organize the games, prizes, vendors, requests donations, coordinates volunteers and oversees the event. A meeting must be held with the Room Parents in order to choose game booths and a themed class basket for the raffle. The Patio Party is an exciting event that is filled with opportunities to volunteer. No matter what your availability is, there is always something for you to help with! Ask how!

Event Held: 1 Friday in May

Chair Person: Begins soliciting vendors for donations in Jan/Feb. Coordinates volunteers, promotes the event, creates flyers, sells tickets, etc.

Co-Chair Person: assists the Chair with the above

Volunteers: Based on your availability , time slots are prepared, many opportunities to help